Ukrainians And Crimean Tatars: Relations And Interaction in History And Nowadays: Crimean Tatar View


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In present time the Crimean peninsula is regarded as a part of Ukrainian state. It is recognized by the International community and is supported by the decisions of general assembly of organization of United Nations. However it is very well known that Crimea or Crimean peninsula is a part of historically existed state of Crimean Tatar people, which was named Crimean Khanate and had relations with all neighboring states, like Ottoman Empire, Russian Empire, Poland, Hungary, France, Great Britain etc. Crimean Tatars in present time are the indegenous people of Crimean peninsula and even at the first part of 20th century until the en masse deportation in 1944 they had their own statehood which was named Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic which geographically was the same like todays Crimean peninsula. The statehood at that time was a part of so called Russian Soviet Federative Soviet Socialist Republic. After the deportation of Crimean Tatars while they we're held in special settlements which we're the close to the or similar to the regime to concentration camps, in 1954 Crimean peninsula was transferred from Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Many people in different international organizations don't know about historical relations between Crimean Tatar people and their state Crimean Khanate and Ukraine. The description of this history is described below.






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