School Leak: An Evaluation Based on The Opinions of Teachers Working in Vocational and Technical Secondary Educational Institutions



Anahtar Kelimeler:



The aim of this study is to determine the reasons for early leaving and what needs to be done to reduce early leaving in line with the opinions of teachers working in vocational and technical secondary schools. The research is a qualitative study, a phenomenological research model was used. A general framework has been drawn on the subject by scanning the existing literature. Research data were collected with a semi-structured interview form. In the analysis of the data, the descriptive analysis method, which is one of the qualitative data analysis techniques, was used. The findings obtained as a result of the analysis were interpreted by turning into tables in accordance with the purpose of the research. As a result of the findings, it is seen that the reasons for dropout of students are generally family and social environment. Divorced families, financial difficulties, and the negative attitude of the family towards vocational training are counted as early marriage among the reasons for family-related abandonment. They stated the reasons for school dropout related to social environment as negative friend circle, drug use, peer pressure and love hunger. The findings, which were requested by the ministry to prevent school dropout, were abolishing the 12-year compulsory education, decreasing the course hours, increasing the opportunities to find a job after school, and transferring the internship activities to the classes before the last year.